Thursday, January 27, 2011

McDonalds $1 Calendars

McDonald's is selling their 2011 Calendars for $1. Back in December, they were giving them out when you purchase a $10 or more gift card. But since the year has started and some of the coupons are expiring, they are selling them. In the past I have noticed that some location would do that, and some won't. So I would call you location first to see if they are selling them. Each month, there are 3 coupons. 1 coupon is for a free McCafe beverage and they other 2 are a free item with a purchase of another item. The items differ by month. But there are some great coupons in there. So hurry now and see if they have any available before their all gone!

Also, it looks to me that there are some McDonald's also selling kids coupons for Valentines day. I have seen them sell those for Halloween and Christmas. I haven't seen these coupon pages at my local McDonald's, but maybe when you call, you can ask about these. There are 12 coupons on each page. They include
  • 3 Free Apple Dippers
  • 3 Free Apple Juice or Milk
  • 3 Free Hamburgers
  • 3 Free small Ice cream cones
Each page is $1. And remember, you have to be 12 and under to use these coupons so these would be good to put into valentines cards for your kids.

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